Self Love

Instagram has been voted the number one social media outlet that is most harmful to mental health.  I believe this without a doubt.  How could it not be?  Skinny girls flaunting their bodies in swimsuits at the beach, rich people showing off their latest vacation spot, perfectly photo shopped and edited pictures to heighten every … More Self Love

Summer Goals

I did it! I made it through freshman year of college!  My ending grades for this semester may not have been ideal, but hey, I finished the school year with some of my sanity still intact! I am so relieved that it is finally summer and although I will be taking two online classes during … More Summer Goals

Health Over Appearance

I recently saw a poster that said “Food doesn’t taste as good as skinny feels!” My initial thought was “Who would live by this ridiculous concept?”  I was appalled by the thought of women actually seeing this message and living by it.  Imagine a young girl reading this and then her whole view of eating … More Health Over Appearance